You don’t need to look too far across the pop culture landscape to see just how much the athleisure trend in fashion is seemingly taking over. From pop stars to celebrities to athletes, the trend of wearing sportswear even when not working out or engaging in any exercise activity is on full display everywhere you look. As a matter of fact, some stars have even gotten into the sportswear-as-casual-apparel business; Beyoncé, Kate Hudson, Rihanna, and Carrie Underwood, to name a few.

More Than Yoga Pants

When it comes to athleisure wear for women, the trend has grown from its humble beginnings as yoga pants and sweatshirts to incorporate much more than you might think. Breaking from what’s traditionally known as sportswear, the trend streamlines the looks, blurring the lines between what you’d wear to workout and what you’d wear to run errands. In addition to sportswear staples, athleisure manufacturers have even begun to take traditional looks such as dresses and skirts and make them in the latest performance fabrics, which not only makes them durable, but comfortable, as well. It is truly the new casual.

Balance Is Key

While it’s possible to run some post-workout errands in your exercise gear and still look totally stylish, you can’t exactly wear that to a parent/teacher conference or for a casual date night out to dinner and a movie. That’s why balance is key when incorporating some athleisure pieces into your daily wardrobe. Slowly mix some sneakers in with a long, flowing cotton sheath dress for a look that’s comfy and sporty. Combine patterned yoga pants with a cotton blouse and cropped denim jacket for a great contrast in color and texture. It doesn’t have to be everything you wear, in other words. Add a dash here and there and don’t hesitate to layer it all for maximum effect.

Finishing Touches

And as with every outfit, ACCESSORIZE! You can round out a great athleisure look by adding a few simple accessories that enhance the carefree and comfortable vibe you’re trying to exude. Add a ball cap for form (it looks sporty and cute) and function (keeps your bad hair hidden). Perhaps a pair of hoop earrings and simple bangles for a soft, stealthy touch of feminine elegance or a large leather bag that’s as great at keeping your water bottle and earbuds handy as it is at keeping your wallet and keys in close range.

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