When you think of spring and summer fashion, it’s natural to begin thinking of lighter, less restrictive pieces to help you beat the heat and stay comfortable. Well, the same goes for your shoes, guys. And that’s a great thing, because there are plenty of light, breathable options when it comes to summer shoes for men at D&K Suit City.

Canvas Trainers

A front-runner for what could end up being your go-to shoes for the summer, a pair of canvas trainers would be a worthy addition to any warm weather wardrobe this year. They’re light, easy to take care of, and breathe well, keeping your feet looking and feeling cool all season long. While Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars and Vans come to mind as good options in this category, don’t forget that you can achieve the same look with something a lot less expensive.

Plain White Leather Sneakers

Since the whole summer look is all about scaling it back to the basics, a pair of plain white leather sneakers will surely get you off on the right foot for spring and summer. Versatile enough to wear with shorts, pants or even a casual suit, plain white sneakers are a great go-to that allow the rest of your outfit to make the statement. As with canvas trainers, always wear your sneakers with no-show socks.

Boat Shoes/Topsiders

Even if you’re not heading out for a day on the lake, few shoe options will get you through a season the way a pair of stylish boat shoes will. Sure they have laces, but everybody knows they’re perfect for slipping on and off, which helps to add to the whole casual notion. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, boat shoes are the perfect addition to any summertime wardrobe. For the perfect seafaring (or frat boy) look, Pair your boat shoes with a pair of khaki or navy shorts and a crisp oxford shirt. Or just a white tee and jeans for super casual occasions.

While you’ll find these and many more styles for both men and women at D&K Suit City, one thing you definitely won’t find are the high prices usually associated with high fashion. See, while D&K carries an incredibly wide selection of today’s hottest looks from top-name designers, they bring them to you at nearly wholesale prices. Add to that the world-class customer service and you’ll soon understand what’s made D&K Suit City Atlanta’s go-to spot for one-stop fashion shopping for over 20 years now.