About as classic as it gets when it comes to men’s fashion, the dress shirt is one of the most vital pieces to a man’s wardrobe. Versatile enough to be worn casually or with a suit, the dress shirt isn’t necessarily just for dressing up anymore. Available in every color and nearly every pattern and fabric under the sun, dress shirts can be considered a staple in virtually every outfit, given the variety of options.


For as long as modern-day dress shirts have been around, cotton has been the king. Lightweight, easy to maintain, and durable, cotton dress shirts can look as professional or as casual as you’d like, depending on how you wear it or adorn it. Another fabric option would be anything of man-made fiber. While polyester/cotton blends and other synthetics tend to exhibit some of the same qualities as cotton – such as durability – synthetic fibers don’t breathe nearly as well.


Available in an array of colors and patterns, you could dress yourself in a different color dress shirt every day for the rest of your life and still not wear the same thing twice. While blue and white are pretty synonymous with business suits and boardrooms, more and more patterns are making their way to the workplace, and doing so stylishly. Choose small patterns to avoid overpowering your tie, if you choose to wear one. Try to stay away from dress shirts in bold colors if being worn in the office. For a vast selection of dress shirts in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, visit your closest D&K Suit City location for the best combination of selection, style, and service.


If you’ve ever shopped for men’s dress shirts, you know that there are two sizes that you must know in order to get the fit you’re looking for; neck size and arm length. For example, 16-33/34 indicates that the circumference of the neck is 16” while the second and third numbers are the length of the arm, in inches. A helpful D&K style specialist can measure you properly to determine what your sizes are. In addition, their on-site tailor can alter your purchases for added comfort, convenience, and that custom look that makes you look and feel like a million bucks.

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