Dress for success.

Put your best foot forward.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Not just clichés, but good, sound advice. And for good reason. What you wear to a job interview matters. Period. Just as your résumé says something about you, so does your appearance. As a matter of fact, experts attribute as much as 55% of a first impression to nonverbal cues. In other words, guys, your appearance matters greatly. No matter if you’re hoping for an entry-level spot in the mailroom or as a CEO, complete with a corner office, your appearance can make or break your chances with a prospective employer.


Classic, sophisticated, and stylish, suits should be worn for any interview for a job in a professional position. When in doubt, it always helps to refer to the company’s culture and dress code for clues, if possible. You’ll definitely find the right suit at the right price at D&K Suit City. Just keep these tips in mind as you begin shopping for a suit, provided that you don’t already have one. With thousands of brand name designer suits to choose from, D&K Suit City is the only place to go for a selection that’s greater than any of those overpriced department stores. And just to make sure that your new suit fits you properly, D&K employs a full-time, on-site tailor who will professionally alter your purchases for a custom fit and finish, the way a fine suit should be worn.

Navy Blue Blazer

When you want to look professional without looking too uptight or overdressed, consider going “smart casual” with a navy blue blazer that conveys “neat” while also being comfortable and refined. Pair the blazer with a button-down oxford, dress slacks, and a polished pair of leather oxfords. While a tie is optional, gauge the employer and proceed at your own risk. Stick with a traditional color until you get the job.

Button Down & Dress Slacks

A step down in formality from the blazer, a button down dress shirt in a solid and sensible color, paired with dress slacks is a great choice for the right environment. Still stylish and professional, but easy and flexible, add a simple belt and shoes of the same color to this ensemble for simple, but dramatic effect. If it’s cool enough, add a neutral sweater for contrast and texture. Stick with blues, blacks, and browns because they’ll play well with your shirt and slacks.

If you’re still a little iffy on how to pull it all off, not to worry, D&K Suit City has your back. With over two decades in the retail fashion business, their cool, calm, collected style pros can help you put together the perfect outfit to get you set for your perfect interview.

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