Sure, you guys probably put your shoes on last, but they should never be an afterthought – especially when the weather turns colder and you can add boots to the mix. With so many different boot options for men, there’s no reason at all that you can’t have a different boot for all the different occasions you’ll be dressing up for. Whether you’re looking for the perfect dress boot to complement a suit, an all-weather rain boot that can stand up to all of winter’s elements, or a nice, casual number that goes well with pretty much anything else, boots serve up a healthy helping of sophisticated form and useful function.

The Classic Wingtip

Perfect in traditional brown or black, the classic wingtip boot is primed and ready to wear with a suit, chinos, dress pants, or anything else a dapper and sophisticated modern male is looking to pair them with. From the boardroom to the to classroom, wingtips work well for men of all ages. Elegant enough to bring one’s stature up and cool enough to make even the most distinguished gentleman hip and relevant, the classic wingtip boot is a must-get for your fall wardrobe and beyond.

The Eisner Boot

With all the dexterity and flexibility of a comfortable sneaker, the Eisner boot also carries with it the look of a casual boot that can be worn with most any casual ensemble. A padded collar gives it extra street cred and some added chunkiness so that you can choose to lace them up tight or keep them loose and untied for an urban, street feel.

The Chelsea Boot

While it is clearly the boot of the moment, no thanks to Kanye, Harry Styles, or Tom Hiddleston, you can also thank the Beatles, themselves, for making the look popular upon their arrival here in the U.S. While leather is  the most common of the Chelsea styles, it’s also available in suede and can be dressed up or down, depending on the need or occasion. The elastic side panel is a wonderful touch that not only looks great, but allows for a snug and comfy fit.

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