When it comes time for you to shop for an exquisitely tailored, designer suit, D&K Suit City has you covered, providing you no shortage of helpful and informative resources along your journey to choosing your perfect suit.

They not only provide great tips and advice via their blog on how to choose a suit, but once your shopping experience brings you into one of their six convenient Atlanta-area locations, you’ll see that D&K offers the widest selection of brand name designer suits and fashion accessories at near-wholesale prices while providing you with the friendliest, most knowledgeable suit experts and tailors in the business.

But what about after your purchase? Are there any special steps that you should take in order to keep your suit looking its absolute for years to come? Good thing you asked, because, yes, there are! Proper suit maintenance is essential to preserving not only the look of your suit, but its fit and structure, as well. Unfortunately, the finer the wool, the quicker it can show signs of wear and improper maintenance. And because fine wool suits are an investment, it’s only natural that proper suit care also makes good financial sense.


Since your suit will spend most of its time stored away on a hanger, it’s safe to say that proper storage is of utmost importance. If you take the extra time and pay special attention to how it’s stored away, it makes for less work and preparation when it’s time to wear it.

  • Hanger – While your suit may have come with a plastic hanger, replace it with a quality wooden hanger with a broad shoulder profile. Think about it – the hanger is going to be in contact with your suit far more than you ever will, so trust in a premium wood hanger. In addition to wide shoulder flares to ensure that the shoulders of your jacket have ample support in order to maintain their tailor-made shape, your hanger should also have a felted trouser bar that allows your pants to drape securely, yet freely, to avoid unnecessary creasing.
  • Garment Bag – Some will say that your suit doesn’t need to be bagged. Regardless of whether or not you decide to store your suit away in a bag or not, it’s important that you let your suit breathe. If you opt to bag it, ditch the plastic suit bag it came with and get a canvas garment bag. A quality canvas bag features a clear plastic front to see inside, while the canvas back allows it to breathe properly. When it comes to suit storage, moths can wreak havoc and damage a suit. While mothballs are a deterrent, the smell associated with them can be prohibitive. Experts recommend storing pouches of dried lavender leaves in the pockets of the jacket and trousers to repel moths without the stinky mothball smell. Oh, make sure you’re cleaning out your closet and vacuuming the area regularly, too.

Wear and Care

Hang your suits up immediately after wearing them and try not to wear the same suit on consecutive days. Like good shoes, suits need time to “breathe.” And while it may seem safe and sound to have your suit dry cleaned after it’s worn, experts say that you should only be dry-cleaning your suits if they get truly dirty. While it sounds like it’s the right thing to do, dry cleaning involves the use of chemicals that can stress and weaken the wool, especially the finer wools used to make designer suits. For less than $100, you can get a small steamer, which will help you dewrinkle as necessary. Don’t iron! Steaming rejuvenates the wool fibers and helps to deodorize the fabric. The steamer is also effective on small stains. Once steamed, most small stains can be lifted with a stiff suit brush. That said, remember to use a lint brush and lint roller on your suit after each outing. Brush from the shoulders down – in the direction of the fibers.

So with a few basic tips and tools at the ready, there’s no reason that you can’t tend to your dapper duds in the effort to preserve your financial investment. After all, a high-quality suit is one of the most important (and expensive) garments in your fashion arsenal, so it’s worth the extra TLC to make sure you’re always looking your absolute best!