More than a shirt, but not quite a jacket, the sweater is a crafty garment that not only allows you to dabble with layers, but allows you bundle up and stay warm without all the bulk. While it’s quite handy, there is much for the average man to learn about sweaters. As a matter of fact, you’d probably be surprised by the variety of styles and knits available when it comes time to choose your look. Here are a few quick things to know.

Sweater Styles

While there are a handful of sweater shapes to choose from, most guys only think of the standard pullover, such as the crew neck, V-neck, and turtleneck. A great way to step up your man-style game is to consider a cardigan. Casual enough to be worn with most anything else, cardigans are optimal for layering. Men with a shorter, rounder frame should leave it unbuttoned, as it frames and elongates the torso. The crew neck is best for casual wear, whereas the V-neck is a great choice for dressing up, in addition to dressing down. V-necks also allow you to wear them with ties, serving to frame the face and chest area for visual appeal.

Sweater Fabrics

One of the most underrated aspects of a sweater is the material from which it’s made. Whether you’re looking at wool, cashmere (two of the finest and warmest), cotton, polyester, or any of the many other fabric options, you’ll want to consider how warm you wish to be. While cotton fares well with limited maintenance and care, it’s also the least warm. If you’re dressing up and warmth is an important factor, go with wool or cashmere. After all, wool comes from sheep and cashmere comes from goats; if it’s good enough for them, it’s probably good enough for you.


Here’s where most guys get it all wrong. As with all men’s fashion, so much of it has to do with proper sizing. Go too big, and you’ll end up looking like a pillow with long, puffy, oversized sleeves that have nowhere to go; go too small, and it’s going to fit too tightly to be able to wear anything underneath it. Just remember that wool, cashmere, and cotton tend to shrink a little after a wash or two. Take that into account. As a matter of fact, wool and cashmere are probably best left for professional dry cleaners.

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