Sure, we’ve already gone over a few of the different men’s boots that you need this fall/winter season, so it’s only fair that we give men’s shoes the same treatment. Often times we don’t consider building an outfit from the bottom (shoes) up; we most guys build an ensemble from the top down, rather than the other way around. Here are just a few of the great shoes for winter that aren’t boots with which you can begin building a killer winter outfit.

Chelsea Boots

Okay, even though Chelsea Boots were on the fall list of must-have boots, they’re also a feasible shoe-type option for winter, as well. A classic Chelsea Boot can play along just like a shoe. It’s soft and light like a shoe, by passing the traditional heft and weight of a boot. Sleek and chic, the Chelsea goes with a number of looks to make it a perfect go-to for the winter months. For occasions that require a little extra flair, pick up a pair of bold-colored Chelseas in suede for a hint of class and sophistication.

Designer Sneakers

Let’s face it, sneakers aren’t going away anytime soon. Hotter than ever, athletic wear is a huge inspiration when it comes to influencing everyday wear for the average Joe, and the sneaker industry is a testament to that. From sporty options from Christian Louboutin to the latest technologically advanced kicks from Nike and the Kanye-inspired line from Adidas, the sneaker business is currently booming and the fashion industry is clearly the beneficiary.

Wingtip Brogues

Not to be confused with the traditional wingtip shoe, the wingtip brogue is slightly heftier, with a more substantial profile, thanks to its thicker sole and perforated details. A utilitarian shoe that goes with everything, the wingtip brogue plays well with jeans, chinos, suits, and pretty much everything else but basketball shorts. The rubber soles ensure not only great traction in the weather that winter throws your way, but nonstop comfort and durability.

D&K For Shoes?

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