If you’ve spent any time shopping for a men’s suit recently, there’s little doubt that you’re seeing a fair share of slim suits in the marketplace. Also known as a modern suit or a modern fit, slim suits have surged to the forefront of men’s fashion in a relatively short time. From fashion magazines to celebrities, you don’t have to look any further than pop culture to see just how widespread its appeal is – and for good reason.

Because it’s cut to fit the contour of the body, a slim fit suit does away with a lot of excess fabric, making the suit a lot more form-fitting, especially to a slim-bodied man. Because of that, it’s well-suited (pardon the pun) for men who are already wearing slim fit jeans and pants. With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re considering a slim fit suit.

Fit is Everything

Because it’s cut to fit the contour of the body, there’s little room for error when it comes to the fit on a slim suit. Luckily, D&K Suit City carries hundreds of different slim fit suits from the world’s top designers, so you’re sure to find the look you want at the super low price you need. In addition, D&K’s on-site tailor can alter your purchases for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Keep in mind that any suit – regardless of price or fabric – is only as good as the way it fits you. There are a couple things to make sure of when it comes to each part of a slim suit.

  • Jacket – Working from the top down, the jacket is the first order of business. First, make certain that the shoulder seams rest upon the very ends of the shoulder; at the very ends of the blade of the shoulder. This ensures that there isn’t an excess or insufficient amount of fabric, which can make the fit look poor. In addition, you should be able to comfortably fasten the buttons on the chest of the jacket without the fabric pulling tightly or the buttons being stressed while fastened.
  • Shirt – Even though the shirt isn’t really a part of the suit, it’s integral to the fit. For example, a classic fit dress shirt incorporates too much excess fabric to allow a slim fit suit to fit well over it. Therefore, a slim fit or modern fit dress shirt would be more appropriate to wear with a slim fit suit.
  • Pants – With a pair of slim fit suit pants, it’s important to get the tailoring just right, especially when it comes to the hem. The hem on slim trousers should sit slightly higher than the hem on a pair of classic trousers, gently touching the top of the shoe. They will also fit closer to the thigh, with a slight taper all the way to the bottom of the leg.

Trust the Style Pros

If you’re unsure about slim fit suits and would like to know more, feel free to stop by any one of D&K’s six Atlanta-area locations to see what they have to offer in not only slim fit suits, but suits of all different styles and cuts. Their personal style consultants will work with you to help you create a single outfit or an entire wardrobe that maximizes your fashion dollar.

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