Suspenders… Let’s talk. You either love them or you’ve never tried them. Something that most people associate with a bygone era, suspenders are very relevant now and certainly worth a second look as a modern addition to your wardrobe.


First of all, it’s an accessory, and it’s hard to go wrong when you’re adding accessories. After all, a little design flair never hurt anybody, especially on guys, who are usually a little hesitant to add accessories to an outfit, to begin with. Easy to wear, affordable, and available in any color/pattern imaginable, there is no reason that you shouldn’t give suspenders a try. Some might even go so far as to say that suspenders are a must whenever you’re going formal, especially with trousers that lack belt loops. Suspenders allow trousers to hang properly on a man, without the potential bunching and visual interruption of a belt cutting across the torso. In addition, suspenders hold the trousers at a true waistline, which helps to create the illusion of a longer, taller frame, which benefits more portly guys.

Versatile enough to be worn with nearly everything to create a myriad of looks, suspenders can take you from the boardroom (thicker suspenders under a suit), to the street (suspenders worn over a t-shirt with jeans), to a casual night on the town (with a button-down oxford and chinos). But even aside from the wonderful look and form factor that a pair of suspenders can add to a well-appointed man’s wardrobe, let’s not forget that suspenders actually do provide a wonderful function.


In short, they keep your pants up, which is always a good thing. Thicker, rounder guys carrying a little extra weight around the midsection will notice the comfort over wearing a belt, which not only causes visual bunching, but can “cut” into the midsection, which can cause a handful of health issues such as abdominal discomfort, poor posture, and restricted circulation.


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