New Year, New Look

With the arrival of a new calendar year comes the annual tradition of making (and trying to keep) resolutions for the new year. Whether practical, necessary, achievable or otherwise, we take stock and assess all the different aspects of our lives to determine what it is we could or should be doing (or not doing) [...]

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Layering For Form and Function

Winter’s here and with it comes the annual battle with Mother Nature for warmth. Since there’s nothing we can do to prevent the wintry bite of the cold weather, we can bundle up to fight the freezing temps. In addition to the proverbial coat or jacket and the accompanying accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves, [...]

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Hot Winter Looks For Right Now

Just a few weeks ago, the unusually mild temps of early winter had us scratching our heads and wondering where all the cold had gone. Now here we are, officially a few weeks into the winter season and the cold has finally arrived - in full force. That means it’s time for all the cozy [...]

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Dressing Like A Fashionable Footballer

With Super Bowl Sunday just a couple weeks away, it’s the perfect opportunity to talk NFL fashion. No, we’re not talking jerseys and compression gear, though. We’re talking about the high-end suits and designer fashions you see as part of nearly every footballer’s pre- and post-game routine. You see them every Sunday; walking into the [...]

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