New Year, New You!

You’re almost there. You made it through Thanksgiving dinner looking (and feeling) like a million bucks, thanks to that killer outfit you wore. Or perhaps it was that stunner you chose for the Christmas party - or was it more than just one party? Either way, kudos to you and your magnificent sense of style. [...]

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Winter Wearable: Women’s Boots

Gearing up for winter, ladies? That means it’s time to get your boot game in gear and assess what the best looks are when it comes to putting your best foot forward this season. While there are countless variations of boots available -- comprising various lengths, heel heights, materials, etc. -- here are just a [...]

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Festive and Fashionable, the D&K Way

It’s happening as we speak… You’re being invited to holiday parties and wondering what it is you’re going to wear. After all, you want to make a statement, right? It’s probably not often that you get the opportunity to dress up with these people -- whether they’re family and friends that you don’t see very [...]

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Faux Show: Stylish Shearling For Winter

If it’s one thing that’s already clear about fall’s early fashion trends for women, it’s that coats and jackets are two of the items that are going to be garnering much attention this season. While there’s no shortage of options when it comes to coats and jackets for the ladies, it’s also clear that one [...]

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