Two Suit Colors Every Guy Needs

There comes a time in every man’s life when he suddenly realizes that he needs a suit. It might be for a special occasion, or perhaps a job interview, but either way, it’s a daunting issue that all men must face at one time or another. And that includes you.   We get it. You’ve [...]

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In-Person or Online, D&K Suit City Delivers

Whether you’re one of D&K Suit City’s most loyal customers and have been shopping with us for the last 25 years or have never even stepped into any one of our six convenient Greater Metro Atlanta locations, you’re definitely going to want to check out our new D&K Suit Cityonline shopping feature.   Sure, there [...]

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High Fashion at a Low Price

When it comes to shopping for fine menswear, especially suits, it’s easy to get caught up in all the things you don’t know about the process…   “What are the different types of suits?” “Which suit looks best for my body type?” “What color shoe would I wear with this particular suit?” “How do I [...]

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People Over Profits

Have you ever driven all the way to a crowded mall, struggled to find a parking spot that’s a million miles away from the door, walked all the way in to that overpriced department store with a limited selection of men’s suits, and found yourself struggling to find anyone with any experience who can help [...]

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Trending: Keep It Short

Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of NBA basketball, or even much of a sports fan at all, there’s still a chance that you’ve heard something about what some of the superstar players are wearing to the NBA Finals this season that’s drawing all the attention.   NBA legend-in-the-making and Cavs’ All-Star forward, [...]

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D&K Suit City: Black Tie Done Right

There comes a time in every person’s life when they’ll be invited to a black tie event for the very first time… and if they’re like most people, it’s at that moment when they might find themselves slightly confused about what “black tie” might ultimately mean. No worries, however. With a little bit of helpful [...]

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Tailored Shorts for Men

As the weather gets warmer, and summer draws even closer, shorts are, and have always been, a favorite summertime go-to. But what sets the trend apart for men this season is the fact that tailored shorts are the look to have. A recurring sight on the runways of Fashion Week, it wasn’t just the tailored [...]

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Less Is More: Shorter Shorts, Long on Style

Since one of this summer’s biggest trends for men’s fashion is the tailored short, it should also come as no big surprise that another hot trend seen on the runways of Fashion Week is the shorter short. Bringing Preppy Back That’s right -- right alongside the slimmer tailored short is the shorter short. That is, [...]

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Fashion Spotlight: Women’s Jumpsuits for Summer

Unless you’ve been under a rock or something, you’re probably at least slightly aware of the jumpsuit craze that’s hit women’s fashion in a big way. It seems everywhere we look lately, we see jumpsuits in full force. Whether it’s casual or business, few fashions for women are as easygoing and free-spirited as the jumpsuit. [...]

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Chic Sneakers For Stepping Out This Summer

With the recent athleisuret rend and other types of athletic wear being more widely recognized as acceptable everyday fashion, designer sneakers have been at the tops of fashion trend lists for a few years now. Prominently displayed all over Fashion Week runways, sneakers don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. With top-name designers such as [...]

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