There comes a time in every person’s life when they’ll be invited to a black tie event for the very first time… and if they’re like most people, it’s at that moment when they might find themselves slightly confused about what “black tie” might ultimately mean. No worries, however. With a little bit of helpful advice and some wise guidance, you’ll be turning heads in your black tie best in no time flat.


What Qualifies as a Black Tie Event?

First off, let’s understand that a black tie event is a formal one. With that said, a black tie event is a social evening function that begins sometime in the evening – generally after 6 or 7pm. It could be a banquet, awards ceremony, fundraiser, dinner, or some other celebratory event. But one thing is for sure – don’t be the guy that shows up in a plain ol’ suit, no matter how nice it is. A black tie dress code requires something more formal than that. If you don’t, you’re sure to stick out like a sore thumb in a room full of people in black tie attire.


What is Black Tie Attire?

Traditionally, a black tie outfit for a man would start with a tuxedo. Preferably a wool tuxedo, if you’re going for something of high quality.


Jacket – Of course, the jacket and pants should match. The jacket should have one button and the lapel should be of a different color, shade, or fabric that matches the button, but is different than the rest of the jacket. When it comes to a jacket style, a single-breasted is most common, but a double-breasted tux jacket hearkens back to a Gatsby-esque sophistication that works in your favor, if you can pull it off. A white/off-white dinner jacket with black lapels and black button works in the warmer months, as well.


Pants –As for the pants, make sure they match the color and fabric of the jacket (unless you’re going with the white jacket) and make sure that they’re cuffless, with a stripe (that matches the color of the lapel) that runs down the length of the side of the leg – the outseam. The stripe down the outseam helps to visually lengthen the legs, giving the impression of height.


Shirt –While there is but one classic color of shirt you will probably be wearing (white), there are two options for a collar style you can choose from. The fancier of the two options is the winged collar, which is synonymous with tuxedos and black tie dress code. The winged collar is the heavily starched option that stands up, but folds down at the tips.


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