As we inch closer to the warmer weather of spring, some of you may have already begun getting wedding invitations in the mail. Yes, for outdoor weddings. And given the formality of such an event, it’s safe to say that you men out there will probably want to dress in a suit, which is never much fun for an outdoor event in warm weather. Unless it’s possible to ditch the tie…

Well, you’re in luck. Style experts are now saying that it’s possible to rock a suit sans tie, for some occasions and environments. That’s right. Look ma, no tie!

Time and Place

While ties have always been synonymous with formal wear and classic sophistication, it’s not necessarily a necessity for today’s modern man. Sure, you’d definitely want to wear a tie for that job interview, that 5-star restaurant reservation, or any of the other common sense occasions or environments when a tie makes the best sense, but the less-is-more look is in if you know when, and how, to pull it off. And the style pros at D&K Suit City can help you do just that.

With an immense selection of fine designer suits for both men and women, D&K Suit City brings you not only the widest variety of top name brands in suits, but in casual wear, formal wear, shoes, and accessories, also. The kind, helpful style consultants at D&K can help you create an entire wardrobe or create the perfect outfit.

It’s All In The Details

Our D&K style experts recommend that if you’re going to go with the suit, but without the tie, you must pay close attention to a few tiny details that, when all combined, make all the difference in the world. 

Shirt Collars: Because the collar frames the face, it’s important to have a collar that can stand up to being showcased between the lapels. Starch and iron the collars firm so they don’t slouch. Your collars need to be seen in order for this to work.

Unbutton: Since we’re talking about the collar and how it frames the face, be mindful not to button the shirt all the way up, as you might be inclined to do, because you’re thinking “formal”. Leave the top button or two undone; just make sure to wear a V-neck undershirt so it’s not peeking out and ruining the look of the open collar.

Accessories: Because the tie is such an integral part of a suit, it’s vital that you downplay its absence by accentuating other details of your outfit by using accessories and other such things. Since well-polished shoes are a gentlemanly accessory, it’s the perfect time to put a shine on your dress shoes. Stylish socks are also a great play, as are a classic and understated belt that matches your timepiece.

Visit your local D&K Suit City location and pick out your ensemble, with or without the help of one of their personal style consultants, and see how their discount designs can help you achieve the tieless look today.