Whenever the subject of business suits comes up, it’s easy to immediately assume that the conversation is about men’s suits – but not so fast. Although women’s suits have been around for nearly as long as fashion itself, it’s often a relatively overlooked option for the distinguished lady that’s looking to dress up for a special occasion. But recently, the women’s suit has made a popular resurgence on the red carpets of Hollywood and designer runways all over the world. So, in keeping with summertime and what’s “hot,” here are a few things to know when it comes to women’s suits.


Just as with their men’s suit counterparts, you’ll first need to determine the occasion – hence, the need – for the women’s suit. Answering that one question can help put a few key points to rest. Do you plan on wearing it for an interview? A day at the office? A friend’s wedding? A night out on the town, perhaps? Either way, you can trust your D&K Suit City style consultant to give you the solid advice you need when it comes time to pick the perfect suit for your specific occasion. Not only does D&K make it possible to buy fine designer fashions at a fraction of the prices of those overpriced department stores, but they take the guesswork out of the process with their friendly and helpful staff that’s ready to help you every step of the way.

Specific Suits For Various Needs

When suiting up for an interview or a day at the office, ladies, choose neutral solids and add a white blouse for a crisp, professional look that never goes out of style. If headed out for a swanky evening on the town, feel free to be bold with your colors and choose to dress it all up with the proper accessories to set your style to “stunning.” Replace the blouse with something a little racier (perhaps a cami or a lace or silk top) for added flair and stylish intrigue. For unique occasions such as weddings and more formal events, a suit is an appropriate option for the sophisticated woman. It’s dressy, respectful, and easy to manage.

Custom Fit Is Key

For extra impact, make sure that your suit fits you the way it was designed to. While it’s easy to shrink in the thought of not only having to purchase a suit, but to also make sure that it fits correctly, D&K Suit City can help you with all of it! That’s because they employ skilled, on-site tailors who will not only measure your purchased suit to fit your specific body, but they’ll do it without charge and while-you-wait at any of their five local retail locations spread all around Atlanta!

So come on in and trust the legendary women’s designer suit pros at D&K Suit City to put their 20+ years of experience in the suit business to help you make the most of your fashion opportunity and suit-buying power this summer!

We look forward to serving you!