D&K Suit City is one of the largest family-owned discount stores in South-East America. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we have 6 branches in the city. Known to offer top quality designer menswear at incomparable prices, we have been famous for our “2 for” and “3 for” special bulk discounts. Having sold over a million suits since our inception and with over 50,000 suits in stock all year round, we understand our customers’ needs well and are never in short supply of merchandise. We have now established our online presence with dksuitcity.com to offer our great merchandise at exciting prices to customers across the country.
At D&K Suit City, we care more about people than profits. We value our customers and have been able to form lasting relationships with them through the years. Over the years we have grown the same buying power as our corporate-owned competitors and continue to provide incredible value to all our customers at prices that are 3 to 4 times cheaper than them. We have always stood for the same values that we were founded on and hope to provide even better selections and discounts in the coming years. 


Our Values

At D&K Suit City, we believe in creating lasting relationships with our customers. By offering the best value on clothing, we have gained a loyal following of customers and supporters. In fact, it is quite common to see our owners, managers, and employees engrossed in personal conversations with customers, some of whom have become more like family.
We also understand our responsibility to the society and we live up to it by offering large clothing donations to many non-profit organizations based in Atlanta and abroad. Whether it was the floods in Atlanta or the earthquake in Haiti, we have managed to raise large donations with valuable contributions from our customers and we continue to offer our services to the society.