When it comes to cologne for men, a few things are true; some men wear it, and some men don’t. But one thing might be true across the board – every man may be underestimating the chemical science behind colognes and why you should be wearing them (and doing so sparingly!).

We can’t help it… No doubt, it’s happened to us before; someone walks by wearing a scent that quickly catches our attention. We can’t explain it, but we’re hooked. We detect a pleasant scent and we, in turn, associate that with a pleasant thing – generally, the person wearing the scent.

But rather than getting into pheromones and all the ins and outs of how cologne actually works, let’s just focus on the fact that it does, and that you would probably serve yourself well to wear some. That’s where D&K Suit City comes in!

D&K Knows Your Nose

Sure, D&K Suit City has spent a quarter of a century showcasing themselves as Atlanta’s place to go for high-quality designer fashions at deep, deep, discount prices, but did you also know that they carry a full line of fashion accessories and fragrances, as well? That’s right – their personal style consultants don’t just help you look your very best, but they’ll also help you smell your very best, too! With D&K’s variety of fragrances for both men and women, there’s no shortage of fine scents and fragrances for you to choose from that will help you make all the best first impressions possible.

How Much Is Too Much?

One thing that many fragrance wearers do is they simply wear too much cologne or perfume. Fragrances weren’t intended to be overpowering, but still, we all know that one person that we can smell coming from a mile away. Rule of thumb: if people can smell you arriving before you’ve actually arrived, you’re wearing too much fragrance.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to where to apply cologne, keep one simple philosophy in mind; it’s not about the quantity of cologne applied, it’s about the quality of the location you to which you apply it. In other words, there are “warm zones” all over your body where applied fragrance will work harder and longer for you. For a man, a couple sprays to the chest, base of neck, and wrists are sufficient. As those areas warm with your body’s natural temperature, the cologne interacts with your skin, giving you the lasting effect you’re looking for. Oh, and for max effect, put it on after a warm shower, when your pores are open and ready.

Speaking of location, make sure to visit any one of the six conveniently located D&K Suit City locations to shop their fine selection of designer fragrances.

So much more than savings, selection, and service, now you know that D&K Suit City is also the place for scents that save cents, which makes great sense!