With the recent blast of milder, warmer temps in the Southeast, it’s a great reminder that short sleeve temperature is just around the corner. With that said, how’s your short-sleeve shirt game looking, in advance of the upcoming season?

Whether it’s a short-sleeve tee, polo, button-up, or any other variation of the short-sleeve shirt, there is no end to the many different ways you can exercise your right to bare arms. So here, courtesy of D&K Suit City, is a quick rundown of how to wear some of the more popular options that are short on sleeves, but long on style.

Crewneck T-Shirt

It’s true that nothing satisfies like a classic. After all, that’s part of what makes a classic a classic. As old as the t-shirt itself, crewnecks made their way to the U.S. after the first World War and have been a staple ever since. A timeless favorite for a reason, the crewneck tee is a great way to express your personal sense of style simply, affordably, comfortably, and fashionably. Tuck it in with a blazer and jeans for a look that’s easy, but still sophisticated, or leave it untucked for carefree comfort with any bottom you choose to pair it with.  Available in every color you can imagine, a crewneck tee is the epitome of casual comfort that’s not only inexpensive, but easy to care for, as well.

Polo Shirt

With its origin planted squarely in three different sports, the polo/tennis/golf shirt, like the crewneck tee, has also reached legendary status. Designed with a collar and two or three buttons in order to continue giving an impression of formality over previously stiff and cumbersome sports attire while providing an upgrade in comfort, the “polo shirt” gained worldwide fame when Ralph Lauren featured it prominently in his designs from the early ’70s, making it the cornerstone of his Polo line of clothing. Whether you choose to wear it tucked or untucked, the polo shirt is as easy as you need it to be. Just make sure that if you plan to wear it untucked, that you size it to your height to avoid having it looking like a dress.

Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt

Like its other short-sleeved counterparts, the short-sleeve button-up can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the particular look you’re going for. No matter if you’re wearing it tucked in for a cleaner and classier look or leaving it out to wear with shorts or jeans for a downright casual look, always make sure that it’s proportional to your body. Make sure that the top shoulder seam meets you at the peak of the corner of your shoulder and that it doesn’t go to long in the torso when untucked. Overall, keep it trim and close to the body (not tight!) for the perfect look, no matter what bottoms you’re pairing it with. The tailored look is incredibly important when wearing a short-sleeve button-up shirt.

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