If there’s one thing you can say about Greater Metro Atlanta nightlife, it’s that it is as diverse as the people who live here. Not only are there the different cities and towns from which to choose, but the different neighborhoods within them, and the variety of clubs within. Needless to say, there’s no shortage of great places to go when you want to dance, play, eat, drink, and slay. In addition, there are plenty of stylish looks available to you when you’re ready for a night on the town and D&K Suit City has them all at prices so low, you won’t believe it.

First Things First, Guys

The setting you choose should pretty much dictate what you choose to wear. While there are no rules, you want to make sure to select something that’s appropriate for whatever spot you choose. No need for a blazer if you’re planning on dancing the night away in a sweat whilst writhing around on a pulsing dance floor. Conversely, you might want to think twice before throwing on a pair of jeans for a romantic night out at a chic and swanky eatery with your honey.


Clean, simple lines make huge statements. Because less is more when it comes to a bustling club scene, go with a slim or modern fit shirt for your top half. Blue is a great color for a dimly lit club with colorful, flashing lights. While black might be your first thought (it is good for hiding sweat spots you earned dancing), you could get washed out by the blacklights. Pair your top with slim fit trousers to keep your vertical line long and sleek and add a polished, comfy dress shoe that will allow you to dance the night away while looking like a VIP.


Of course, there are the places that allow you to wear clothes that are as laid-back and casual as the environments, themselves. Still easy, relaxed, and trendy, these places are pretty much come-as-you-are, but make sure not to get too slouchy. A pressed button-up – with a sleeve length according to your own comfort level – will do just nicely, paired with anything from a dark, classic pair or slim fit jeans, chinos, or khakis. When it comes to shoes, a stylish pair of chukkas or brogues will finish this look off nicely. Feel free to add a casual blazer if you’d like, but just make sure to go with a long-sleeve shirt under the blazer.

While there are plenty of other types of places to hit on your night out, keep in mind that there’s just one place you need to go to get everything you need for your special night out – D&K Suit City. Visit any one of their six hometown locations for the brand names you want at the price you want.

Overall, remember to have fun and make the most of these moments out with friends and loved ones. Because after all, while you can wear anything you choose, your best accessory on nights like these is your smile. Wear it well.

Be safe and enjoy!