If you’re anything like most men (or women, for that matter), you probably hate to iron clothes. Most people would probably rather choose an entirely different outfit than to have to iron anything. Sure, there are some guys that probably admire the craft and skill of ironing a dress shirt or slacks to a crisp, fine detail, taking the time to put in the work in order to have something that can be worn with some hard-earned pride and prestige…


This article may not be for them.


Whether you’re just a busy guy and can’t find the time to iron, or you’re the type of guy who just doesn’t care to learn, it’s safe to say that you probably have more than a few items in your wardrobe that require some extra attention involving a hot iron and an ironing board every once in a while. But with new advances in the area of synthetic fabrics and other wrinkle-free technologies, it’s possible to cut down drastically on the number of items that require ironing, while still looking crisp and professional.



Incorporating such features as stretchable fabrics and memory-molding capability, top brand name designers have begun making wrinkle-free suits that go from zero to presentable in no time flat. Wool is a great option for a suit, not only because of  its durability and breathability, but also because it maintains its shape well. Taking it a step further, however, some designers have begun mixing wool with other performance synthetics to create light, breathable, odor-resistant, and wrinkle-free suits in a variety of styles to “suit” the individual, requiring only the occasional trip to the dry cleaner.


Dress Shirts

Few things look and feel as great as a performance dress shirt, also known as an athletic dress shirt. With all the classic looks and styling of a traditional dress shirt (even though they’re also available in slim fit, too), performance dress shirts differ in the makeup of their fabric. While traditional dress shirts tend to be a near-equal blend of polyester and cotton, performance dress shirts are generally over 90% polyester, with the remainder made up of a stretchy, breathable fabric such as elastane or spandex. That stretchy ingredient not only helps the shirt to be more form-fitting, reducing the amount of excess fabric that can cause the shirt to bunch around the waist, but it also makes the shirt cooler, more breathable, and gives it moisture-wicking capability. In addition, a performance dress shirt is virtually indestructible, lending itself to be a great one at fighting wrinkles and the constant need to iron.


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